Catholic Schools exist so that we can assist you, the parents, in enabling your children to receive an Education based on Christian Values and Catholic Church traditions. Therefore, we give the students opportunities for Liturgical Worship as:

(a) A School Community;

(b) A Stage/Grade or Class Community;

(c) Part of the larger Laurieton Parish Community.

During each year, the students may be involved in the following Liturgies:

  • Whole School Masses
  • Primary Grade Reconciliation
  • Class / Parish Masses
  • Class Prayer Services
  • Special Liturgy of the Word Services
  • School Prayer Monday Morning
  • Reflection Days for Sacramental Preparation

There are numerous feasts and seasons that are acknowledged and celebrated during our Church Year. On some occasions, we gather as a whole school to offer prayers for special intentions. Where possible, the dates and times will be advertised in the weeks prior to these events. Parents, family and friends are invited to join the school in these prayerful celebrations.